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April 11, 2005



I found those really helpful, Caroline, and propose to stick them somewhere highly visible so that I can try and walk with them regularly.
Oh, btw you're not alone in the experience of realising what you should be working on as you stand on the doorstep to depart...not sure quite why, but this seems to be a recurrent feature of so many people's journeys, mine included.
Hope the whole week was life enhancing, anyway.


Those questions are incredible. 21 words that basically provide the framework for our very reason(s) for being. Wow - thanks for sharing them.


I put them on post-it notes. Very cool.

My best friend is a Northumbrian friend. I think that's what they call them. She's grounded way over here in Ukiah, California, so not many chances to pop in for a weekend retreat. But she likes their ideal.

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